How to become the Employer that nobody wants to leave


What makes the ideal Employer? Or otherwise what do some employers offer to their employees inspiring their loyalty, that others do not want or do not know how to offer?

The 5 characteristics of memorable leaders are:

  • Integrity & Authenticity: True leaders are honest with their employees, although this feature sometimes brings them against the top management.
  • Humility: True leaders always aim to serve others and not themselves. Being humble makes you more accessible to your employees and allows you to create an open communication environment and more effective feedback conditions.


  • Empathy plays a crucial role in a person’s ability to be a successful leader. It increases people who are willing to follow him and allows him to develop and maintain relationships with them. Leaders having this feature always find time for people, while they have high emotional intelligence.
  • Communication skills: Great leaders are able to communicate their vision in a way that highly motivates their team. They listen to their employees and keep them updated of any developments, so no one is surprised by changes.
  • Inspiration: An authentic leader does not need his title to persuade his employees to carry out their mission. Phrases such as “Good Job team”, “You’re the best”, “I believe in you” are at the top of their dictionary. Team spirit is crucial during their leadership.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and be more, then you are a leader,” said John Quincy Adams.

Directors have been forgotten, but true leaders live in the hearts and minds of their employees. A personal greeting in the morning to your team, a little nod or a shake on the back are small special moments that employees will remember forever. Good employers are few, so when one comes in your way, you have to really appreciate them.