Recruitment Marketing: Is it really working?

It is a fact that the recruiting process and the tools that existed a few years ago can not be related to the methods of today. However, many employers, especially in the area of ​​seasonal employment and tourism, have still not adjusted their recruiting strategies to meet the new trends and needs. As a consequence, remarkable companies having difficulty finding and attracting the talents they need to grow are struggling to find and attract talent necessary to grow their businesses. The main thing to understand here is that recruiting starts way earlier than at the moment when you have an open job position.

In fact, an effective recruiting strategy never stops. The term Recruitment Marketing is a relatively new chapter in the HR world. However, it has quickly become an inevitable part of every successful recruiting strategy.

“Recruitment marketing is the strategic and tactical implementations that allow a company to find, attract and engage job seekers  in order to receive a more qualified application.”

Although many recruiters see recruiting marketing as an additional act to be considered in the final stage of the funnel activity (top funnel activity), it is actually an action that should be considered from the initial stage of “Talent Acquisition” funnel (pre-funnel activity). Meaning, recruitment marketing must start before employers have any candidates in your talent pipeline. Instead of worrying only on candidates who have applied to their job opening, they now need to be thinking of anyone who may be interested in your brand or career opportunities.

It is their job to attract candidates at any stage of the “funnel” below. In fact, observing it, we conclude that all stages (Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Application) can be improved and optimized through recruitment marketing.

Some of the most effective recruitment marketing strategies are the following:

  1. CONTENT MARKETING –Share photos of your workplace, your employees and fun events at your company. Create content, such as eBooks and webinars useful for both passive and active candidates.
  1. CANDIDATE EMAIL CAMPAIGNS –Email drip campaigns are not only a marketing thing any more. Keep candidates and passive job seekers engaged by sending relevant emails about things that they are interested in, about what your company is doing, about the new job opportunities and new trends.
  1. CAREER SITE OPTIMIZATION –Career site should be like your gold mind for attracting qualified job candidates. Make it attractive, appealing, simplify your application form and stop losing your potential best hires.
  1. SOCIAL MEDIA RECRUITING –79% of job seekers use social media during their job search, and most of the active and passive candidates are on social media on a daily basis. Use social media to promote your job openings.
  1. EMPLOYEE REFERRAL PROGRAMS –Referrals are known to be the highest quality hires. Your current employees know the best your company’s culture and your ideal candidate’s profile.
  1. RECRUITING ANALYTICS –Recruiting is like marketing; everything is measurable. Use and analyze recruiting metrics to get insights on how to improve your hiring process.
  1. TALENT COMMUNITIES AND GROUPS –These include candidates who didn’t get the job they applied for originally, but are interested in future opportunities. Candidates who sent open job applications. Candidates that are not qualified for the job yet, but are on their way to become a qualified candidate.
  1. DISPLAY ADVERTISING AND RETARGETING IN RECRUITING –Use display advertising to reach out to specific audience and your candidate personas. Retarget active job seekers who have already visited your career page and showed interest in your job opening. Encourage them to come back to your site and fill out the application form.