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Weddings during Force Majeure Period

by Dimitra Grigorea, Event Management Lecturer | AMC College Greece & Event Planner | DeplanV One of the industries been suffering the last few months because of […]

Don’t put on hold the interviews. Finalise your teams NOW!

by George Lyras, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon The unexpected happened. The unforeseen occured. Instead of opening the hotels for the summer season, all hotels […]

Things you should never tell your manager!

by Christina Nikaki, Recruitment Executive | Costa Navarino During our career, it is certain that at some point words that should never be addressed to our manager […]

2019: A really interesting year for Greek Tourism

by Chariton Brousalian, Commercial Manager of Greek Travel Pages This year’s summer season, and touristic year in general, has been a hectic year for Greece bringing many […]

10 reasons that will convince you to study in Tourism

by Maria Karafoulidou, Director of Tourism Department Delta 360 /HR Expert I was asked to list 10 reasons why I would recommend a young person to pursue […]

Performance Management: Setting our Teams Up 2 Win

by Lia Zampetoglou, Hospitality Expert – Director of Learning & Development SETE Institute (INSETE) Have you wondered if you have performance issues within your team? Here are […]

Are your Employees your Hotel’s Ambassadors?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager |Workathlon A common question of a company that cares about its employer branding reputation would be how to get people more […]

How to Create the perfect Job Advertisement

by Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon Employers are always searching for quality candidates to join their organization. The best way to achieve this […]

The Checklist Before Accepting/Declining a Job Offer

by Aias Katsaros, Account Manager & Recruiter|Workathlon All professionals have undergone the search for a new job at one point in our careers. This usually is an […]

We are talking about your career – not a Movie

Movies are fiction – even those which are based on or inspired by real stories tend to exaggerate to make plot more interesting. Therefore, movies are not […]


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A new hotel approach beyond “5 Star” & “Luxury” Perceptions

by Stathis Bampouklis And if I asked you what it was that changed in the midst of the pandemic? You would definitely refer to remote work, the […]

9 platforms that will elevate your tourism knowledge

by Stathis Bampouklis Find the tourism courses you needed online, without even moving from your chair! Have you recently graduated and would like to take the next […]

Individual hotel feedback culture in the Covid-19 era

by Evaggelia Zikou, Training & Consulting Manager Truth Requires two – One to say it & One to hear it! Feedback can be considered healthy and with […]

New entry in the Greek market: Meet Pacha Group!

by Stavroula Kitsanou, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Workathlon You have bumped into the two – cherry logo at least once in your lifetime. It could be at […]

Employers: Communication, Trust & Coronavirus

by Ermione Ioannides, HR Trainee | Workathlon Creating a more personal relationship with your employee is really important, especially during a stressful and continuously changing time such as […]

6 Books for Self-Improvement & Development

by Nikol Louzi, Portal Administrator|Workathlon We all have goals and dreams. We often realize that in order to achieve these goals we need to focus on our personal […]


How to get closer to your desired job position | Part 2

by Anthi Maneta, HR Manager / Kanava Hotels & Resorts In order for you to travel with a plane, you need to book a ticket first. Then […]

Ready for the race of sourcing great candidates?

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director | Workathlon If your applications trend is not going up right now you are not doing something right. It’s October and the […]

How to get closer to your desired job position

by Anthi Maneta, HR Manager | Kanava Hotels & Resorts September is here and so it is the final countdown of hotel employees who work in seasonal […]

I want you in my team! Do you want me as your employer?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager| Workathlon Do you still want to follow a more traditional management model in the Hotel you own or work for? However, […]

Why & When should I change Employers?

by Aias Katsaros, HR Manager & Recruiter| Workathlon In every professional’s career comes the time that they will consider an alternative work option. This is especially accurate […]

How to vanish every chance of a high Turnover Rate

by Gavriella Avramidou, Talent Acquisition Manager | Workathlon What is the employee turnover rate? The term “employee turnover rate” refers to voluntary resignations, dismissals, end of contracts […]

Measuring your Hotel’s culture – Why and how should I do it

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director | Workathlon Whether you are running a seasonal hotel or not, you hope to develop engaged, motivated, and excited employers who will […]

How to prepare your season hiring documents

by Gavriella Avramidou, Talent Acquisition Manager | Workathlon Summer jobs are extremely popular in Greece as the majority of hotels and resorts operate usually from April until […]

Looking for a Yielding Manager? Spot the best one.

by Konstantinos Santikos , Managing Director – Sales & Finance|Santikos Collection If I had to think for the most important position in a hotel’s Sales & Reservations […]

Avoid employees cancellations: How-to

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director|Workathlon We have all experienced the phenomenon where we shake hands with a great candidate, send him a job offer, but the job […]