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Individual hotel feedback culture in the Covid-19 era

by Evaggelia Zikou, Training & Consulting Manager Truth Requires two – One to say it & One to hear it! Feedback can be considered healthy and with […]

Weddings during Force Majeure Period

by Dimitra Grigorea, Event Management Lecturer | AMC College Greece & Event Planner | DeplanV One of the industries been suffering the last few months because of […]

Don’t put on hold the interviews. Finalise your teams NOW!

by George Lyras, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon The unexpected happened. The unforeseen occured. Instead of opening the hotels for the summer season, all hotels […]

Things you should never tell your manager!

by Christina Nikaki, Recruitment Executive | Costa Navarino During our career, it is certain that at some point words that should never be addressed to our manager […]

2019: A really interesting year for Greek Tourism

by Chariton Brousalian, Commercial Manager of Greek Travel Pages This year’s summer season, and touristic year in general, has been a hectic year for Greece bringing many […]

10 reasons that will convince you to study in Tourism

by Maria Karafoulidou, Director of Tourism Department Delta 360 /HR Expert I was asked to list 10 reasons why I would recommend a young person to pursue […]

Performance Management: Setting our Teams Up 2 Win

by Lia Zampetoglou, Hospitality Expert – Director of Learning & Development SETE Institute (INSETE) Have you wondered if you have performance issues within your team? Here are […]

Are your Employees your Hotel’s Ambassadors?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager |Workathlon A common question of a company that cares about its employer branding reputation would be how to get people more […]

How to Create the perfect Job Advertisement

by Aias Katsaros, HR Account Manager & Recruiter | Workathlon Employers are always searching for quality candidates to join their organization. The best way to achieve this […]

The Checklist Before Accepting/Declining a Job Offer

by Aias Katsaros, Account Manager & Recruiter|Workathlon All professionals have undergone the search for a new job at one point in our careers. This usually is an […]


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New entry in the Greek market: Meet Pacha Group!

by Stavroula Kitsanou, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Workathlon You have bumped into the two – cherry logo at least once in your lifetime. It could be at […]

Employers: Communication, Trust & Coronavirus

by Ermione Ioannides, HR Trainee | Workathlon Creating a more personal relationship with your employee is really important, especially during a stressful and continuously changing time such as […]

6 Books for Self-Improvement & Development

by Nikol Louzi, Portal Administrator|Workathlon We all have goals and dreams. We often realize that in order to achieve these goals we need to focus on our personal […]

Stress Management & Coronavirus: Self – Care Chapter

by Vasileianna Fragkou, HR Trainee | Workathlon Recognizing that the pandemic phenomenon has an impact on our psychology, especially of those who work in the hospitality industry, we […]

Hospitality Employers VS Coronavirus

by Ermione Ioannides, HR Trainee | Workathlon The COVID – 19 pandemic has undeniably affected the travel and tourism industry. For both employers and employees, the difficulty […]

Cocktails for the whole family to enjoy!

by Voulie Darviri, HR Trainee | Workathlon Cocktails remind us of summer holidays, relaxation, carelessness, laughter. These beautiful feelings can be recaptured by making simple and tasty […]


How to get closer to your desired job position | Part 2

by Anthi Maneta, HR Manager / Kanava Hotels & Resorts In order for you to travel with a plane, you need to book a ticket first. Then […]

Ready for the race of sourcing great candidates?

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director | Workathlon If your applications trend is not going up right now you are not doing something right. It’s October and the […]

How to get closer to your desired job position

by Anthi Maneta, HR Manager | Kanava Hotels & Resorts September is here and so it is the final countdown of hotel employees who work in seasonal […]

I want you in my team! Do you want me as your employer?

by Joanna Psomopoulou, Business Development Manager| Workathlon Do you still want to follow a more traditional management model in the Hotel you own or work for? However, […]

Why & When should I change Employers?

by Aias Katsaros, HR Manager & Recruiter| Workathlon In every professional’s career comes the time that they will consider an alternative work option. This is especially accurate […]

How to vanish every chance of a high Turnover Rate

by Gavriella Avramidou, Talent Acquisition Manager | Workathlon What is the employee turnover rate? The term “employee turnover rate” refers to voluntary resignations, dismissals, end of contracts […]

Measuring your Hotel’s culture – Why and how should I do it

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director | Workathlon Whether you are running a seasonal hotel or not, you hope to develop engaged, motivated, and excited employers who will […]

How to prepare your season hiring documents

by Gavriella Avramidou, Talent Acquisition Manager | Workathlon Summer jobs are extremely popular in Greece as the majority of hotels and resorts operate usually from April until […]

Looking for a Yielding Manager? Spot the best one.

by Konstantinos Santikos , Managing Director – Sales & Finance|Santikos Collection If I had to think for the most important position in a hotel’s Sales & Reservations […]

Avoid employees cancellations: How-to

by Katerina Santikou, Managing Director|Workathlon We have all experienced the phenomenon where we shake hands with a great candidate, send him a job offer, but the job […]