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Introducing Pacha Group

Pacha Group is an international holding company that operates in the leisure, entertainment, hospitality, catering and events, fashion and fragrance segments. Pacha Group and its innovative concepts have created a unique lifestyle and it is associated with fun, glamour, sensuality and passion both in the minds of existing and future patronage. The freedom and freshness of Pacha; the hedonism and audacity of Lío; the wellness with a touch of fun and the eclecticism of Destino and the urban style of El Hotel Pacha are some of the most characteristic elements of the group, which has an emblematic style and personality without losing sight of its Mediterranean roots.
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Pacha Group Origin

Since the ’60s when the hippies arrived on the island, Ibiza has been characterised as being a place of freedom where different cultures come together and live in harmony.
Pacha’s arrival in Ibiza in 1973 coincided with the starting point for the development of tourism on the island, which became the entertainment capital of the world thanks to its two emblematic cherries.
Ibiza means Pacha and Pacha means Ibiza. Who else can say this?

Brand Ingredients & Values


Pacha has taken part in the birth of cultures and movements. It has witnessed history, and aim to preserve it while writing its next chapter.


Pacha believes in the magic that springs from the seemingly unplanned and the refreshingly unexpected, the personal interaction, the emotional encounter and the human exchange.


Pacha makes freedom real. It opens your mind. It is when you just let go and embrace the moment. Whether that means disinhibition or simply having peace of mind.


Pacha makes glamour reign supreme. It believes that a touch of glamour adds beauty and charm to elevate the moment from the mundane to the memorable.

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Exceptional talent is vital for the company to thrive and to continue revolutionizing leisure and entertainment globally.
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We should not think about hotels, restaurants or clubs, but rather experiences. When people see cherries or Pacha they think of a lifestyle, a fun and rewarding experience, I want customers to always have that idea and never be disappointed. What has been created in Ibiza can be transferred to other places in the world. The magic here can be carried anywhere on the planet.
Nick McCabe CEO, Pacha Group

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